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The Privacy Policy given here under is meant to replace any previously published policy on Conflicts that exist between any other privacy policy and the current one will mainly mean that the present Privacy Policy or the one mentioned here under is dominant.

Agreement & Acknowledgement is intended to be used only by people who are over the legal age of 18 and people who are legal US citizens. We urge you to take a few moments to review these terms stated in this present Privacy Policy. By agreeing to use's services you are automatically agreeing to the policy stated here. If you aren’t in agreement with the terms of this policy or currently are under the legal age of eighteen (18) or not a US citizen then please refrain from using our services.

Change notification to Privacy practices

We strongly reserve our right to update our Privacy Policy in order to reflect these changes we have to make to our existing information practices every now and then. This is why if changes are made to information practices this privacy policy will be revised. We advise you to always review and read our privacy policy every time you visit this website or decide to use our service.

Personally Identifiable Information

At times we will combine and collect PII or Personally Identifiable Information in addition to non-personally identifiable information via a number of sources in addition to the ones we have discussed below. PII stands for data which is collected with the intention of identifying, locating our contacting a person which may include but is not limited to his or her SSN (social security number), your first and last name, zip code, address, driver's license, phone number, work number, date of birth, time of birth, job title, employer's address, employer's name, ABA/ routing number, IP address, pay dates, compensation, name of your bank, direct deposit, loan amount needed, net income each month and computer specifications. Non-PII data is not used to identify, locate, or contact an individual which may include but is not limited to IP address, gender, zip code and age etc.

About Us

The privacy policy comes to you from Our website is, we operate, interact and do business with our customers through our website, we also maintain our customer database via this website. The database stores information from individual consumers and prospects alike. We make use of a number of third party vendors, numerous media advertisements and third party affiliates to promote our business, so that people know where to find us if they are interested in completing an application online or what to supplement with our database by buying the third party database of various consumers who have opted to complete applications on websites except for our site and have affirmed their request to get information in relations to our services and products. In addition our third party services are advertised via referrals and via PPC advertisements which is geared towards redirecting you to our website. assumes that you agree to our using the PII and also the Non-PII that we collect for the given purposes.

Information is collected and retained about you so that we can communicate in order to process requests in regards to our services and products. We will also inform you of new financial services that we think you may be interested in via our newsletter. All examples contained in the Privacy Policy are merely illustrative and are not exclusive.

We offer the option whereby listed members can also be removed from our contact list whenever they need, no questions asked. In order to get yourself off our information database in order to not to receive communications in the future, you can do any one of the things stated below

Collection and Usage of General Information will collect information via our site from both existing and prospective customers at many different points on our website. We will use contact information to then send information in regards to our services, and about our company. Users have the choice to opt out of getting this information in their mail in the future. Please check out our Opt-Out/Opt-in section of this Privacy Policy. The financial and contact information that we collect is used to verify your address, name etc. Not every bit of information which is asked for on our site is required but we do need the following data: last and first name, social security number, zip code, length, city, address, duration of stay at present address, your email address, if you have your own home or have rented one, work telephone number, state ID number, ABA/ routing number, job title bank phone number, etc.

Security And Confidentiality

We mainly restrict all types of access to nonpublic information about individuals to all but a few employees that need to have this information to provide services and products. We also maintain electronic, procedural and physical safeguards which are compliant with federal standards in order to guard against your nonpublic information from all unauthorized access and use.

The work of maintaining accurate information tends to be a responsibility we need to share. We work to maintain the information's integrity that is provided to us and as notified we will update all our records. Please contact us via the address and the phone number below when you want to change or update your information.

Service and Site Updates sends service announcement and site updates. Our members will not be able to just unsubscribe from our service announcements which will contain important information in regards to the service. We will also communicate with users in order to provide those requested services pertaining to issues via phone when needed.

Update / Correct Information

If you need to verify the data which we have gotten from you previously, like to make corrections or even disable the usage of personal info, then please contact us or log into the account area on

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